| Naysayers|

Bullies/naysayers , they can be the worst & hardest trials you’ve ever endured in your life span. They still exist today, let’s not fake dumb. They’re at your school, they’re your coworkers & sad to say some of your family members too. Pay attention to the jokes, jealousy, and envy is disguised within them. You tend to embrace the hurt and humiliation, pain, and shame even. You began to question “Can I do anything right”? Or you began to have self-doubt about yourself because you’re used to it always being something negative said about you. Here’s the truth, it’s currently happening amongst ourselves, children, loved ones, and globally. You may not have it worse than the next, but it’ll still handicap your self-confidence unless you never had to endure any hurt. Blessings to you if you’ve haven’t, just think about the people who have/are. Dealing with bullies within your family, you view it as “That’s how my family loves on me”. I pled to differ, dishing out harsh remarks making your loved ones or anyone feels like they’re not enough is shameful & wrong. Home is supposed to be a safe place to be your truest self, so start standing up for yourself, it starts at home. Stop allowing people to dim your light about your character. You know you better than anyone, and you don’t have to live your life according to what everyone else is doing today. They’re judgment & opinions, throw it out the door. Now if it’s corrective criticism to help push to be a better version of yourself than embrace it in a positive manner. It’s always room for a self-check & self-improvement. Furthermore, you’re a natural-born leader. What they say about you isn’t always accurate and it’s up to you to realize it. The gifted always seems to be under attack, it can be a test from the higher creator to see if you’ll pass your assignment. You have to train your mental state of being, to be strong, to look to the root of every situation for the greater no matter the circumstances at hand. Stay humble!

• Always speak highly of yourself.

• Speak to yourself in the mirror daily of how much you love your self. Go into details on what you love about you.

• Pray through it, and you’ll get through it with self discipline.

• Invest in a personal journal so you can write it out. Rather it’s personal, goal oriented, or even both.

Know that your breakthrough is your testimony, someone else may relate to it. It can save many who feel like there’s no way out of a similar circumstance. From there, it could be an overflow of testimonies, success, etc. You’re voice matters in this world. You’re brilliant ideas could change the world, uplift many , and inspire many. You’re Change of mind, lifestyle, confidence for the better, and positive attributes can and will offend some because they’re words no longer have a negative impact on you. Remember that’s none of your concern, unless your safety is involved. We have to be mindful of what we say especially if it’s not coming from a place of love. And you’ll know if it’s from a place of love or not, go with that gut feeling, it’s mostly never wrong. Also be mindful of what you say if you’re in a situation where you have to express yourself and your really angry at a loved one, take some time to cool down, collect your thoughts, and then express what’s on your heart in love. That’s tough love. If your getting positive results on being tuned in with yourself, that’s great keep going. That’s your 1st step towards peace of mind, living your life to the fullest and not living in a bond is a reliving feeling. Your no longer living your life unto anyone but yourself.

• Gain that close relationship with the higher creator 1st, because in thee end it’s you & him in this game we call life.

• Remain strong & revert back to prayer when all else fails.

Keep your faith strong, because no matter the circumstances your going through now, it’s just temporary. You can make it out of any uncomfortable situation if you believe in yourself.

Be encouraged, and remember to encourage those who need to be uplifted.

~ Peace • Love • & Blessings ~

Picture shot by Photographer: Jerel Canty

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