10 Tips to avoid negativity

What I like to do when I’m surrounded by negativity

• I’ve created a music playlist of new & old. ( You can choose any music that’ll get you in the groove & uplift your spirit.)

• Meditation to any music that’s soothing for you. ( Taking deep breaths is relieving of stress & tension.)

• I like reading a good book, it calms my nerves. I like to get lost in a great book.

• Focus your attention on your hobby. I like blogging, writing, crossword puzzles, reading a good book etc.

• Learning something new.

• Planning a getaway is always a great idea rather it’s for now or later. You’ll be glad that you did. Sometimes life requires you to just take a load off & just breathe.

• Treat yourself. When is the last time you did something for yourself? I like to grab a bite to eat, going to a movie, spa day, or even shopping.

• Exercise. Burn off that steam, it’ll boost your energy and leave you feeling better.

• Wear feel-good clothes. I like wearing clothes that gives me that extra boost of confidence.

• Lastly, perfume. Wearing perfume puts me in a great mood. Smelling good, makes you feel good.

These tips make me feel better, when I’m having a bad day or to just help me remain in a positive state of mind.

If you stay positive during a negative situation, you win. 👏🏾✨

3 thoughts on “10 Tips to avoid negativity

    1. That made me smile from ear to ear. That makes my heart glad to know that I am an inspiration. These are encouraging words that I’ll cherish from here on out. I Love you 💕 your beautiful inside & out also. 👑


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