Well Defined

Self awareness can take awhile.

It took some time for me to embrace self-awareness. I’ve dealt with a lack of self-awareness because I wasted years seeking validation from people, being hurt verbally, being mistreated in past relationships. You tend to lose a little bit of your value during those trials, then comes the comparisons. Before you know it, your body-shaming others or just simply talking down on people as a joke as you call it. Not being conscious of your true character and desires for yourself. If you’re dealing with a lack of self-awareness in any area of your life, I’d advise you to start loving yourself now and stop waiting on someone else too. I know you’ve heard of a saying “Look into the mirror daily and speak highly of yourself” it enhances your self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-confidence. I am a witness, it does work and you should try it. My best friend put me on game about speaking affirmations into myself. In fact not only is it a great feeling, but it’s also teaching me to speak confidently into myself and into existence & with continuous prayer. I talk to myself and I don’t feel bad for it, sometimes you have to gas yourself up (Be your own hype man ) it is a positive habit. On your journey to self-awareness, you don’t have to be perfect, no one is but God. “However that’s my personal opinion”. There isn’t anything wrong with striving to be a better version of yourself, I’m always looking for ways to enhance myself for myself first.

Focusing on loving all of you shamelessly, is a self awareness act. Embrace yourself when you do, it’s a sudden spark of true confidence. Continue your journey, your doing greatly. Divine in many contexts, meaning you’re beautiful, great, wonderful, lovely, etc. It starts on the inside first.

Y’all ever met a beautiful person? and they’re attitude sucked?

EW!… right? It’s unattractive period. This is why I’m on a journey myself, I got it honest. Flesh is real and it can crawl, especially if our peace is disturbed dealing with an individual or a situation we don’t approve of. Being beautiful on the inside first, shows on the outside effortlessly. It’s like a uncontrollable glow with your aura, a spark of positivity and energy. It’s noticeable and people are attracted to it for the better or the worse, I say that because not everyone will appreciate this energy. It’s not your fault, nor is it your business to find out why. You can not go wrong when you’re in your own lane. Haters will be everywhere, and obviously, you’re doing something right, something different, or just moving into your purpose. I’m encouraging you to keep doing you sis, respectively and positively. We are not here to please everyone, alright? Alright.

Only you and God can be the captain of your ship. “Toot Toot”!

Stay on path in your divine nature. Let no one steal your joy, nor strip away that godliness within you. We all have a unique purpose here on earth, and each one of our paths are designed differently for a reason.

Continue to be queen of oneself. Tell yourself as such;

  • I am worthy of my dreams & goals.
  • I have the utmost respect for myself.
  • I am focused on accomplishing the goals I have set for myself.
  • I speak kindly of myself and to others.
  • I speak highly of myself always.
  • I am queen of oneself.
  • I am encouraging.

When you find it difficult to support other women, it’s okay to keep your peace and continue to work on yourself first. This is an ongoing journey and it takes patience and practice, it won’t happen overnight.

From me to you, hoping this topic touches the hearts of many, and wishing you all the best of luck during your self awareness journey. We’re in this together.

Peace, love, and blessings.

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