Simple Ways To Alleviate Your Insecurities

It doesn’t come by surprise that insecurities are deep within in us, in some form and fashion. Today we live in a world of judgement and comparisons. Now a days majority of the society is trying to uphold this image that’s trending now. We pick up insecurities because somewhere within there’s self doubt about ourselves. Being honest with yourself is the first step of acceptance, in these grey areas dealing with oursleves will require extra attention and healing. Insecurities can develop in many forms such as; Jealousy, feeling irritable with others for doing good, self doubt, worry, past traumas, hurt from relationships & loved ones, peers, etc.

Secondly you should know that everything will be ok. You are a queen walking on a divine path to living a greater version of yourself, no one said this journey would be easy and or wouldn’t come with challenges. You can train your thought process of these self doubts with fighting back with positive thoughts and here’s what helped me.

  • Acceptance that you are aware of the areas that you have self doubt in, knowing that you can change this trait about yourself only gets better with time.
  • Stop comparing yourself with others, you can do this unknowingly. Example could be talking down on others about their clothing style, hair, weight, appearance, skin, smile, personality etc. As women I try my best not to notice it but we size other women up, we look at them from head to toe and we examine what’s different and or similar. This could be for the better or worse, for whatever reason we begin to either try to imitate what we saw or begin to judge. If this is a trait that you have, I want you begin to challenge yourself by not judging others unless its for your safety of your environment.
  • Practicing talking to yourself highly in the mirror, your basically stating in the mirror everything opposite of your self doubts about yourself. This is a practice of self love and self awareness, when your speaking these words to yourself you began to embrace this positive thought and action. Your healing yourself, by freeing your mind from those negative thoughts.
  • Have mindful positivity daily. Put yourself at ease with prayer and meditation throughout you daily activities and while being at work. This is where you’ll get to see your growth with yourself tremendously, if you fail one day just keep striving to be the greater version of yourself. Believe in yourself to become a better you.
  • Heal yourself from the hurt that you may have endured throughout your years. All the negative things that may have put you down, think the total opposite of yourself all the hurt that made you feel less of a divine queen know that you are queen. These trials that you’ve endured in your life, has made you not only stronger but it has left a mark on your soul. Rid those soulful ties of hurt with working on yourself from within.
Diversity of Queens

You Are A Divine Queen, regardless of what others think of you. Gain and remaine that confidence about yourself no matter the circumstances, each day that you wake up is a fresh start and a new beginning. Do what makes your soul feel good without feeling guilty about it, without thinking twice about yourself, stop caring about what others may think of you. The world needs more divine women like us because we all have something that’s needed from one another and I’d say its empowerment.

Thanks for reading divine queens.

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Peace, Love, and blessings.

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