Your Purpose In Life Comes Naturally

Have you ever felt lost or out of place in life? To a point to where you don’t know what your purpose or calling is?

Have you ever taken the time out to ask God, the universe, whom ever you believe in spiritually “What exactly is my calling? what is my existence here on earth to fulfil? For a long time, I’ve been asking myself this very question.

I was out there lost in the sauce, just copying what the other girls was doing up until I was about 25 years of age, I am 29 now. I’m not ashamed to say I didn’t know who April was and what God has called me to be, because I was to busy trying to figure out my self-identity by mocking other people characteristics, Style, and beliefs.

When your taught how to act, what to believe in, hanging around the not so good influence people, you begin to act as such without even noticing. Whom ever thought that a part of your identity is created first at home because your surrounded by your family members, your peers at school even, your identity can transform you based off the trials you’ve endured growing up. It took for a close friend of mines to tell me that I’ve even picked up some college girl ways I hanging out with. Embracingly I have not even noticed you guys, I realized the problem was, I simply did not take the time out all the years of growing up to get know who I am. I wished I had of known early on the importance of following my own heart and mind on the knowledge that I know now, Nevertheless I won’t contemplate on the would of, should of, could of.

What I’ve learned most importantly is living in the now, not focusing on the past because it will only hold you back, I’ve learned to let go and let god, I’ve learned to forgive those who had hurt me, and I just started focusing on what I could control as far as the unattractive character traits I had, the offensive traits I had when someone tried to give me corrective criticism, focusing merely on myself and what I want out of life is more important, I’ve learned it’s not about what the people expected me to be. I began to have my own mind and that alone came with it’s own style of thinking, living, and learning. You are born divine, you are called on earth to live out your purpose without being ashamed, you are created to bring forth a fruitful purpose. The greatness is within you and it always had been, you just did not know how to blossom into your truth. In life a healthy guidance is necessary, because when your lead in the right direction it will not have you feeling lost and out of place because you’re comfortable with who you are and the self-knowledge of oneself. Be more confident in your journey of truth, its needed so that you can lead others. It’s than an ongoing chain of righteousness truth being produce into  empowered queens.

I crave to not only be beautiful from the outside, but most importantly from the inside. Your spirit is meant to be beautiful not ugly, mean, and filled with hate. Queens its important to grant yourself that me time, that me time is merely about healing from within. You will soon begin to show up as that greater version of yourself you desperately know you can be, because you invested that time into yourself.

My mission is to uplifit women no matter the race, great energy has no color. We don’t have the same blood type but I can assure you that we all bleed the same color, I am here if you need a listening ear and you should be too, tell that to your loved ones and we’re all human. If you need time alone for self to detox unwanted energy, negative thoughts, are just need to be at peace with yourself don’t be ashamed to tell your loved one’s exactly that. No need to feel guilty, and if they can’t understand that, still show love despite of. The world needs more TLC a.k.a tender, love, and care.

It feels good to give out compliments just because, being a random help, being positive during a negative situation. When all seems to be hell practice being at peace with yourself regardless.

When you’re at peace it follows you, people may even look confused and want to know your secret, peace is an identity within itself  queens. It’ll take a lot of train of thought, meditation, prayer, whatever you do to put your soul and mind at ease. Help your fellow queens get there if they are not, tell them about “She Lives Divine” blog and how its soulfully encouraging, and an upliftment. Take time to get all of you together, meaning doing/being established in what you want to do in your life, that way you’ll always have that to fall back on when things don’t go right for whatever the reason may be. You’ll always have what you’ve worked hard for in the long run and no one can take that away from you because it’ll be what you have going on for yourself, it’s simply what your bringing to the table. Okay Love?

Until next blog divine queens, thank you for reading my blog don’t forget to share, comment, and like.

Peace, love, and many blessings.

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