Well Defined

Self awareness can take awhile. Embracing all of mePhotographer: Jerel Canty It took some time for me to embrace self-awareness. I’ve dealt with a lack of self-awareness because I wasted years seeking validation from people, being hurt verbally, being mistreated in past relationships. You tend to lose a little bit of your value during those [...]

| Naysayers|

Bullies/naysayers , they can be the worst & hardest trials you’ve ever endured in your life span. They still exist today, let’s not fake dumb. They’re at your school, they’re your coworkers & sad to say some of your family members too. Pay attention to the jokes, jealousy, and envy is disguised within them. You [...]

| Flawless Shades |

Not here to throw shade, but who cares what skin tone you are?. I’ve been wanting to speak on the subject for a minute. No matter your shade, always remain true to oneself, walk with essence into your purpose. Always remember you are a shining star, no matter who you are. We represent as one, [...]

About Me

Being yourself; & Authentically embracing all of you...matters honey. I really had to take a step back and take a long breather from what society was doing, like on the real. You can get lost in trying to keep up with what everyone else is doing in the now. Do you even know who you [...]

No Judgment zone

I’m reaching out to anyone who takes others opinions to heart that’s not a superior in they’re life. Life is full of opinions, thoughts, decisions rather it be good or bad. No one’s judgement, opinions, and decisions can make you less significant. For instance, you love a short dress that shows off your curves, not [...]